Na Cupla Focal *12 – Killary Adventure Weekend Newsletter

** In case you were unable to read the latest newsletter we emailed out today here is the text:

Killary Adventure Weekend 23/03/12

Order of Events

Friday 23rd March
Everyone will be picked up by bus and arrive in Killary by 12.30pm. We have an afternoon of activities followed by dinner that evening at the adventure centre and a table quiz (“trivia” in Americanish!) hosted by the staff of Killary Adventure Centre.

Saturday 24th March
Let the activities begin! Nothing like an day of adventure and fun to build up an appetite, dinner in the adventure centre followed by the most bizzare “disco” you will ever attend!

Sunday 25th March
Morning activities and lunch. Depart Killary by 2pm.

Please RSVP by email to Maria by Thursday March 8th to let her know if you are or are not coming

Nuts and Bolts

We are leaving on Friday, March 23rd

  • Cork Coach will leave University Hall at 7.00 am sharp.
  • Dublin – Coach will leave IFSA Office, 46 Merrion Square at
    7.45 am sharp.
  • Limerick – Coach will leave from the Foundation Building Car Park at 8.30 am sharp.
  • Galway – Coach will leave from Menlo at 11.00 am sharp.
  • Maynooth – Coach will leave from the main bus stop near the train station at 8.30 am sharp.
  • Derry/BelfastWe will be in touch with you directly.


What to Bring

As you all should know by now, the weather on the West Coast proves to be very unpredictable at the best of times so for anyone doing activities be prepared for everything from hail to blazing sun no matter what time of the year!

  • Old warm clothing – Tracksuits or fleece clothing is best when doing activities and you may have to get down and dirty so make sure they are clothes that you don’t really care about!
  • Rain jacket & trousersBeg, borrow or steal some rain gear if you don’t have some already, it’s pretty essential down the west!
  • Wooly hat Majority of heat is lost through your head, this will keep you toasty and warm.
  • Warm socks (and spares!)– Because no one likes wet feet!
  • Evening wear – We’re not talking formal wear, just something comfy to wear in the evening. Spare shoes too!
  • Swimming togs – Wetsuits are provided for the water activities but it’s normal to wear swim gear underneath.
  • Plastic bags – No really!! By the end of the weekend, there’s a small chance you’ll have wet, dirty clothes that you probably won’t want to pack into your bag, so bring some plastic!
  • Towels – You can never have enough towels!
  • First Aid Basics – for scratches, bumps, bruises, breaks (kidding!) you may pick up along the way…all in the name of fun.
  • Money – Meals will be provided of course, but for any snacks or drinks that you may want bring some cash.
  • Instruments – We saw those guitars and fiddles coming through Dublin Airport – why not bring them for a proper seisun ceol!


St. Patricks Day

The Biggest Day of the Year!

St. Patrick’s Day is our national holiday and every year on March 17th the nation comes alive to celebrate the best of Irish culture. The country becomes greener than green with people wearing giant shamrocks, flying emerald flags and drinking dodgy-looking pints!

There is a parade in every city with participants coming from all over the world to be as Irish as they can for the day. Make sure you get out there and enjoy the craic because there really is nothing like it!!

Visit to join in the fun!


Photo Comptetitions

Adventure Weekend

As with the Northern Weekend, we will be running a photo competition. Photos can be of anything from your time here in Ireland, but added weight will be given to great pictures from our weekend in Killary! Winning photos will be printed and framed to present to the three winners at the farewell meal.

Cash prizes are:
1st Place: €50
2nd Place: €30
3rd Place: €20

Northern Weekend. Photos have been shortlisted here. Photos with the most “likes” win. Think you can do better? Then Geoff is giving you one last chance to enter, email him on by this Friday.


Travel Security

For your own safety we recommend you take the following precautions while traveling and while you’re in Ireland:

1. Please register with the State Departments STEP program (Smart Travelers Enrollment Program).

2. Please let us know you are going away. We are not keeping tabs on you, we just worry!

3. Please remember the emergency email address in the event of a national emergency within Ireland:

4. If there is a national emergency, don’t panic. Follow security guidelines issued by local governments and get to safety.

5. Don’t forget the emergency pager number: 00353-1-200-3025


Travel Advice

Finally, finally!! Don’t forget, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to backpacking and traveling around Ireland, Europe and beyond, so use us. But how?!:

1. Why not simply call or email Geoff or Maria. Or better yet, pop into the office.

2. Check out our website for some travel advice on various cities in Europe. We have short guides to Rome, Paris and Amsterdam to name but a few: IFSA-Butler Ireland Travel

3. Think you know better than us? Great! Let us know any tips or great locations you have found out along the way, we always want to learn more so we can pass it on to future students.

4. Enjoy yourselves