Na Cupla Focal *10 – Pre-Departure Newsletter

In case you were unable to read the latest newsletter we emailed out yesterday here is the text:

We told you this semester would fly by! Soon you will be back in the US and missing us desperately!

Here is some advice from us on making it home safe and sound.

How to plan your trip home

Check airport websites for flight updates before travelling to the airport. If your flight is delayed or cancelled due to bad weather, contact your airline directly. If you are on the group flight, you should also contact Missy Severance at or 001 315 4712222

If the airport closes it is important you monitor flight updates with the airline website. Contact the IFSA-Butler office and let staff know that you are yet to depart.

Arrive at the airport in plenty of time. If you have an early morning flight, consider spending the night in an airport hotel to avoid any extra stress or unnecessary delays.

Travel options

The following coach companies have services directly to Dublin Airport.

Grade Conversion, Transcripts and Grade Queries

Grade conversion tables can be found in your IFSA-Butler handbook.

Transcripts will be processed in 3 – 4 months as outlined in your IFSA-Butler handbook.

If you wish to query a grade please contact Paige Ward, Senior Academic Affairs Coordinator in our Indianapolis office. Grade queries need to be submitted within 6 weeks of grades being published.

Packing to Go Home

The IFSA-Butler Ireland office is happy to hold on to anything you wish to pass on to future students, like pots, pans, hairdryers etc. Items must be clean and in good condition. Contact us by email before you leave if you wish to leave something and we can arrange collection.

Charity shops are always happy to take clean clothes and bedding. Check if your residence does a charity collection before you leave – most do.

Mobile phones can be donated to the Jack and Jill Foundation, an Irish charitable organisation that provides care and support for children with severe neurological development issues, as well as offering some respite to the parents and families. IFSA-Butler will provide you with a freepost envelope that you can put your phone and charger in before you leave and post to the charity (you can post it at the airport so you have it right up to departure).

Shipping Items Home offer a shipping service from Ireland to the States, specifically target towards students. Otherwise all major courier companies also ship goods.

Departure Checklist


  • Submit all coursework and retain copies in the unlikely event of this information being mislaid of lost.
  • Back up any files before packing your computer.
  • Return library books and pay outstanding fees. Failure to do so can will result in the delay of the processing of your transcript.
  • Retain and pack you IFSA-Butler handbook.


  • Organise your transport to the airport.
  • Confirm your flight by calling your airline at least one day prior to departure.
  • Plan to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your flight.
  • Check US Department of State website for any advisories concerning your chosen destination.
  • Check airline baggage restrictions.
  • Pack.
  • Ensure your family has a copy of your flight details so they know when to expect you.


  • Obtain copies of your doctor/dentist notes and details of any treatment/medication to give your doctor at home.


  • Budget for final expenses eg. Shipping good homes, airport transfers
  • Close your Irish bank account


  • Notify your residence of your departure date
  • Clean accommodation
  • Return keys

IFSA-Butler Almuni has useful resources for alumni on issues from reverse culture shock to transcripts, together with information and tools to help you plan future adventures abroad. You can join the alumni network to keep in touch with other IFSA-Butler students and pass on your experience to future IFSA-Butler students. You can also use the IFSA-Butler Ireland office Facebook page to do this.

Be an Ambassador for IFSA-Butler!

As an IFSA-Butler Ambassador, your role will be to advocate for the merits of studying abroad (and studying abroad through IFSA-Butler) on your campus. You’re probably already doing this, so this is a way to formalize—and get paid for—your encouragement to other students. More information can be found here.

Photo Competitions

Northern Weekend

Congratulations to our winners from the Northern Weekend. Kelsey Bills in Cork gets 1st Prize. We absolutely love the photo which really shows off some of the beautiful scenery there is in this little island! 2nd and 3rd prize goes to Thomas Carey (but we think you may owe Matt and Paige a pint!!)

Thanks to everyone who entered. We’re going to have fun printing up new photos to cover the wall of the office.

IFSA-Butler Alumni Photo Contest.

There is also a contest for all IFSA-Butler students worldwide. There are three different categories; Landscape, Local Color and Tongue in Cheek.Try your luck here.