Adventure Weekend 2010

Killary Adventure Weekend


  • Friday 26th March – Everyone will be picked up by bus and arrive to Killary at 6pm. We will all have dinner that evening at the adventure centre to be followed by a table quiz hosted by the staff of Killary Adventure Centre.
  • Sat 27th March – Let the activities begin! Nothing like an adventure day to build up an appetite, dinner in the adventure centre followed by entertainment.
  • Sunday 28th March – Morning activities. Depart Killary at 2pm.

Nuts and Bolts:

We are leaving on Friday, March 26th March.

  • Cork – Coach will leave Copley at 11.30 am sharp.
  • Dublin – Coach will leave IFSA Office, 46 Merrion Square at 12.30 pm sharp.
  • Limerick – Coach will leave from the Foundation Building Car Park at 13.15 pm sharp.
  • Galway – Coach will leave from Menlo at 4.30 pm sharp.
  • Maynooth – Coach will leave from the main bus stop near the train station 13.15 pm sharp.
  • Burren – We will be in touch with you directly to arrange transfers.
  • Belfast – Coach will leave Elms at 11.00 am sharp

If you are not planning on coming on this trip please email Geoff ASAP:

What to bring?

As you all should know by now, the weather on the West Coast proves to be very unpredictable at the best of times so for anyone doing activities be prepared for everything from hail to blazing sun no matter what time of the year!

  1. Old warm clothing – Tracksuits or fleece clothing is best when doing activities and you may have to get down and dirty so make sure they are clothes that you don’t really care about!
  2. Rain jacket & trousers – Beg, borrow or steal some rain gear if you don’t have some already, it’s pretty essential down the west!
  3. Wooly hat – Majority of heat is lost through your head, this will keep you toasty and warm.
  4. Warm socks (and spares!) – Because no one likes wet feet!
  5. Evening wear – We’re not talking formal wear, just something comfy to wear to dinner in the evenings (don’t forget that means another pair of shoes!)
  6. Swimming togs – Wetsuits will be provided for the water activities but it’s normal to wear swim gear underneath or a thermal top if you have it.
  7. Plastic bags – No really!! By the end of the weekend, there’s a small chance you will have wet, dirty clothes that you probably won’t want to pack back into your bag, so bring some plastic!
  8. Towels – You cannot have too many towels with you on an adventure weekend.
  9. First Aid Basics – for any scratches, bumps, bruises, broken limbs (I’m kidding!) that you may pick up along the way….all in the name of fun!
  10. Money – Meals will be provided of course, but for any snacks or drinks that you may want over the few days bring a bit of cash.
  11. Instruments! – We saw all those guitars and fiddles coming through Dublin airport way back in January, bring them down – we’ll get a proper seisiún ceol going!

Photo Completetion

Well well, you guys certainly proved yourselves to be budding photographers in hiding! We had A LOT of entrants for the Northern trip competition, and the winners are…..drum roll please… be announced down in Killary!

Also, because we love photos so much, we’re going to run another photo competition for the adventure weekend – hats off to anyone who can capture Tim’s terrified face as he does a bungee jump!

Day Light Saving

While in Killary for our Adventure Weekend, the clocks will be moved forward an hour. So try to remember that at 12 o’clock on Saturday 27th March/Sunday 28th March the clocks will be moved forward an hour.


St. Patrick’s Day Festival!!

Just in case you have been studying morning, noon and night in the library every day and it’s somehow managed to slip past you….This Wednesday is Paddy’s day, YIPPEEEE! Events have been going on all week so we hope you’ve donned all things green and gotten stuck in to helping us celebrate our favourite national holiday!


Weather Warning!!

As you may have noticed, the weather has begun to pick up after an unusually cold winter. We would however like to warn you all to keep wearing layers and warm clothing. Unfortunately, the weather can be very changeable with all four seasons in one day and will be like this for the next couple of months at least. Sorry!


Six Nations Rugby

We hope you have all been following the Six Nations Rugby over the last month. It has been pretty exciting and you may have noticed how busy it can be around the pubs and clubs on match days. Sadly it looks like Ireland will not be retaining the championship success of last year.  In order to do so they need to put up a huge score against Scotland this Saturday and hope that England do us a favour and beat the French, and beat them well! It has still been a pretty good year, with Ireland having won 3 of the 4 games so far and they are firm favourites to beat Scotland. So if you’ve missed it so far, be sure to watch this Saturday, the schedule is as follows:

  • Wales v Italy, 14:30
  • Ireland v Scotland, 17:00
  • France v England, 19:45


It’s nearly time to say farewell…

It might be a long time before you come back to Ireland, so make sure you don’t go home with any regrets. If there is something playing on your mind, something you are half thinking about doing but not sure, then our advice is to go for it! (Once it’s legal of course!).

Here are our top recommendations for things you might consider doing before you go:

  1. Go to a proper trad session. Don’t you know that we all sing!? You absolutely cannot go home without knowing any traditional Irish ballads!  We dare you to learn one, head to a trad session and join in properly!
  2. Hit all the tourist spots. Have you been to the Cliffs of Moher, the Aran Islands, Newgrange, the Ring of Kerry or Glendalough yet?
  3. Hook Up! Have you tried fishing in Ireland? It’s an experience not to be missed!! The more effort you put in, the bigger the catch!
  4. Go visit other IFSA Ireland students. The perfect, cheap weekend away!
  5. Go to a sporting event. How about a day at the races, a rugby match or watching Hurling—the fastest game in the world.